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PSA calling the Latino community to exercise its right to vote in 2020.

A Public Service Announcement (PSA) produced by Centro Presente and GreenRoots to promote the proper disposal of Personal Protection Equipment in the neighborhood of East Boston, the Boston neighborhood hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video about the lawsuit “Centro Presente versus Donald Trump” filed by Centro Presente and Lawyers for Civil Rights in a federal court in Boston, in February 2018, challenging the racist and xenophobic policies of the Trump administration, on behalf of Centro Presente members who are protected by Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

The Women’s Leadership School of Centro Presente is a space to promote new female leadership through learning, connecting, and exchanging experiences. The fundamental purpose is to develop the analysis and critical awareness of the women who participate. In addition, together we learn about self-care tools and feminist healing

Public Service Announcement about the importance of Latino participation in the US Census 2020.

A short promotional video for Centro Presente’s campaign for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) featuring the US citizen children of immigrants protected by TPS who are at risk of deportation due to the Trump Administration’s desire to revoke TPS.

Centro Presente has launched a campaign to advocate for the maintenance of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) of the more than 300,000 Central American and Haitian immigrants in the U.S. living and working under this program. With support from Alianza Americas they have produced this video about the issue of TPS.

The Invisible Crisis: The Female Face Of Forced Migration a documentary. 

Promotional video for Centro Presente’s popular education series, “School of Leadership” which introduces immigrants to a broad range of themes and topics of great relevance to their experiences. The training sessions take place over 7-8 weeks and feature Centro Presente staff, members, and guest speakers on topics such as economic systems, international trade and immigration, how the U.S. government works, labor rights and other topics.

Al Día con Centro Presente

Al Día con Centro Presente

Our Radio

For over 30 years Centro Presente has hosted a weekly, half-hour discussion program called Al Día con Centro Presente. Mediated by our organizers the space is an opportunity to explore issues of critical importance to the Latino immigrant community of Massachusetts in their own language. The program frequently interviews members, allies and visitors to Boston with important messages for the community. It provides a critical outreach and education tool for our campaigns and organizing efforts.

Using AM radio as a medium for this program allowed us to reach out to our community in a format that was accessible and widely used by our members in their homes, workplaces, and cars. With the rise and prevalence of new social media channels within the immigrant community, we have transitioned Al Día con Centro Presente to a virtual format distributed through social media.