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Centro Presente has long had a “Know Your Rights” campaign which we have redubbed “Know and Defend Your Rights” to better reflect our proactive organizing ethos.  The purpose of this campaign is to ensure that the Latino immigrant community knows what their rights are as immigrants and as refugees, regardless of their legal status.

But more than knowing of the existence of these rights, we emphasize the need to know how to effectively defend and advocate for the respect for these rights. The campaign is implemented through the development of materials that can range from flyers or wallet cards to popular education workshop curricula to short videos shared on social media. These materials are then distributed through workshops, tabling events in the public, community walks, small business outreach, social media channels and our weekly half-hour radio program. The content of these materials focuses on what community members should do when confronted by agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in their homes, in the streets or in their workplaces.