Today is Election Day!

Today is Election Day!

Polls are Open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM 

Because we recognize that the civic participation of immigrants is a key component in the broader, long term movement for social justice, Centro Presente continues to move forward ‘Our Voices, Our Vote’ a non-partisan grassroots campaign to increase civic participation and immigrant influence in local politics in the cities where our members live. 

Your vote will make a difference - remind your friends and neighbors to participate in these local elections and VOTE TODAY!  

It’s important to make your voice heard by our elected officials not only today, but EVERY day.  At Centro Presente we work on issues that affect the lives of immigrants in Massachusetts and organize people to make sure that our elected officials stay true the values they talk about while campaigning and fight for systemic change.  Civic participation is more than voting once a year, it’s being involved in your community — GET INVOLVED

These past months Centro Presente have been organizing:  

Workshops on topics such as:

The concept of democracy and the importance of our participation as immigrants”, non citizens participation in the electoral process, understanding the structure of our local government, the importance of youth involvement in civic engagement campaigns

Home visits to members of the Latino immigrant community

Door knocking activities

Electoral forums between local elected officials and community members

Producing a monthly Latino Radio Show on Civic Participation

Visits to local policy makers

Phone banking directed to US citizens and non US citizens