Press Advisory: Immigrant Community Rejects Alabama-Style Bill in Massachusetts

Press Advisory

Media Contacts: 

Nataly Castaño- Student immigrant Movement (978) 902 0882

Patricia Montes- Centro Presente (617) 959 3108


Immigrant Community Rejects Alabama-Style Bill in Massachusetts    

What: Press Conference

When: Tuesday, February, 21st,11:00 AM

Where: Front Stairs of the MA State House

Who: Members of the immigrant community and its allies


Boston, MA- Immigrant Community Rejects Alabama-Style Bill in Massachusetts. S. 2061 is a bill under review in the Massachusetts State House that seeks to criminalize immigrants families in the Commonwealth and deny essential services to hardworking, taxpaying families. 

Under the guise of enhancing public safety the bill would facilitate the implementation of the controversial federal Secure Communities program in the Bay State and enact additional measures designed to isolate immigrant families from housing, education and legal protections. While targeting undocumented immigrants the bill would also severely affect documented immigrants and citizens in its implementation against mixed status families. 

“We are concerned that this bill is going to have a very negative impact on our community. Once again we are going to join forces with sister organizations and our allies in order to defend the rights of the immigrant community. We need to recognize immigrants for the positive social contributions and economic benefits they provide our state,” said Conrado Santos a member of the Student Immigrant Movement.   

“This bill is a threat to the well being of the immigrant community in the Commonwealth. The state of Massachusetts prides itself on being a State that was founded by immigrants and welcomes new immigrants.  The introduction of an Alabama-styled bill that promotes fear and persecution of the immigrant community is a contradiction of our values,” declared Patricia Montes, Centro Presente’s Executive Director.