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Wicked Local Somerville / Somerville Journal

Somerville immigrant rights group fears post-bombing backlash

A Somerville-based immigrant and worker’s rights group is worried that the Boston Marathon bombings will lead to a backlash against immigrants.

Wicked Local Somerville / Somerville Journal

Curtatone promises anti-wage theft ordinance

The Somerville mayor’s office is drafting an ordinance to grant officials legal power to fight wage theft in the city.

Mayor Joe Curtatone told approximately ten Somerville residents gathered in front of City Hall on April 9 to rally for an anti-wage theft ordinance that the city is currently drafting such an ordinance, which will be presented to the Board of Aldermen on April 11.

Wicked Local Somerville / Somerville Journal

Somerville restaurant seized for not paying taxes

A Somerville restaurant was seized by the state Tuesday for nonpayment of taxes until the owner came by with a check later in the day.

Diva Indian Bistro in Davis Square had a large orange “Seized” sticker on its window Jan. 29 and state officials closed the restuarant, changed the locks and conferred inside. They were reportedly waiting for the owner to show up with a check, sources said.

Marblehead Reporter / Wicked Local Marblehead

Immigration rights to be discussed at UUCGL

On Sunday, Jan. 27 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn will be sponsoring a Winter Forum on “Immigration Rights in Massachusetts.”

Wicked Local Somerville / Somerville Journal

Somerville aldermen to stop using ‘illegals’ for undocumented immigrants

Somerville aldermen and Mayor Joe Curtatone agreed to refrain from using the word “illegals” when referring to people, at last week’s board meeting.

A team of youths came before the Board of Aldermen at last week’s board meeting urging city officials to give immigrants who live in the city the respect they deserve as human beings by not using terms like “illegals” to describe undocumented people.

Jamaica Plain Gazette

Letter: Wage theft is a widespread problem

A father of three told me: “This man was looking for people to paint cars in his body shop after hours. He said he’d pay $20 an hour, so I went there after my regular job. I worked there six hours a night. I was there for two weeks and then I asked him for my pay. Then he kicked me out. When I went back with my friend, who he didn’t pay either, to ask for my money, he told us not to come back, and that his girlfriend works for Immigration.” They never received the pay for their work. He told me this story about two years ago, at a free clinic in Metro West where I volunteer.

Wicked Local Somerville / Somerville Journal

Protests continue outside Diva in Somerville

For several weeks Centro Presente organizers have been picketing outside One World Cuisine restaurants in Somerville, Cambridge and JP to protest the non-payment of wages and overtime to eight former workers.

We wrote an article on this issue recently but they continue to picket as the issue has not been resolved. 

Jamaica Plain Gazette

Restaurant picketed in wage dispute

CENTRAL JP—Protesters picketed outside Bukhara Indian Bistro at 701 Centre St. last week to demand payment of what they claim are owed wages from the restaurant’s owner, One World Cuisine restaurant group, as part of coordinated protests across the city.

Somerville Patch

Fighting for Workers' Rights In Somerville

About a dozen folks from Somerville picketed the Diva restaurant in Davis Sq. on Thursday, August 2 because the owner, One World Cuisine has been treating its employees unfairly.    

The action is part of a campaign by the immigrant rights group, Centro Presente to support seven workers who are victims of wage theft.  They received less than minimum wage and were not properly paid for their overtime hours.  Centro Presente estimates that the workers are owed over $50,000 in back wages!

Wicked Local Somerville / Somerville Journal

Protesters picket Somerville’s Diva Restaurant

Community organizers and workers from Diva Restaurant’s parent company protested the withholding of more than $50,000 in wages from workers on Thursday afternoon in Davis Square.

“Do the right thing, Diva, do the right thing,” chanted a group of eight outside the restaurant while a few people were dining inside. The protesters held up signs with slogans such as “Can you imagine not getting paid? That’s what happens to immigrant workers.”