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Immigration reform advocates stand up for Dignity and Respect

A showdown between immigration reform advocates and reactionary hardliners in the U.S. House of Representatives may be finally at hand.

Buoyed by months of grassroots pro-immigrant lobbying and skillful strategizing led by U.S. Rep. Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois, some 80 major coordinated rallies mixing progressive and moderate supporters will be staged throughout the nation tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 5.

Daily Free Press

Immigration advocates protest treatment of inmates

In a movement that has been ongoing for several years, about 50 people gathered in front of the Suffolk County House of Corrections on Sunday to protest unfair treatment of imprisoned immigrants.

“We’re here because of unsanitary conditions [for inmates],” said Peter Lowber, organizer of the event for The Boston New Sanctuary Movement. “The vigils out here have given them strength to do what they’re doing. So being out is important because it does give that strength. It shows that solidarity. It helps them, so it’s very important.”

Periodico Las Américas

Inmigrantes y partidarios de reforma migratoria marcharán en 40 ciudades de todos los EE.UU. Republicanos reafirman su compromiso

WASHINGTON D.C.— Grupos de inmigrantes y partidarios de la reforma migratoria anunciaron hoy que el próximo 5 de octubre se unirán en marchas y manifestaciones en más de 40 ciudades de Estados Unidos. Miembros de la Alianza Nacional de Comunidades Latinoamericanas y Caribeñas (NALACC), así como grupos religiosos, laborales y de derechos civiles, hicieron una llamada al Congreso, a fin de que apruebe la reforma migratoria con una legalización que conduzca hacia la ciudadanía, informaron a través de un comunicado de prensa.

The Boston Globe

Feast or famine

Monica Marulanda regularly arrives to work at 5:30 a.m. at the renowned No. 9 Park, where she prepares the award-winning pasta. Originally from Colombia, she got a foot in the door at the restaurant and, through the guidance and support of her mentor Barbara Lynch, has risen as a prized contributor to the local culinary scene.

Wicked Local Somerville / Somerville Journal

Reuniting war-torn families from El Salvador to Somerville

Do you know any Salvadorans in their 30s who, as young children, were put up for adoption in El Salvador during that country’s brutal civil war in the 1980s? Perhaps you know - or know of - a Salvadoran family currently living in Somerville who had a child abducted during the war.

Wicked Local Burlington / The Burlington Union

Activists rally in Lexington against accused wage withholders

Members of a nonprofit held a demonstration outside the Solomon Pierce Road home of restau

Somerville Patch

Wage Theft Ordinance update, discussion by BoA set for Tuesday, June 18

The Board of Aldermen’s Legislative Matters Committee is set to have a second meeting on the proposed Wage Theft Ordinance on Tuesday, June 18 at 6:00 PM at City Hall.  

The proposed ordinance would allow the city to revoke a license or permit from a business found guilty of wage theft by either the state Attorney General or the federal Department of Labor.  If Somerville adopts the ordinance, it would be the first of its kind in Massachusetts.

The Somerville News

City looks at the wage theft issue

Four wage dispute cases between One World Cuisine – which operates Diva Indian Bistro in Davis Square, as well as a number of other restaurants and liquor stores – and its former employees developed into a political discussion in Somerville this week. 

Open Media Boston

New Wage Theft Law Would Target Somerville Employers

Somerville, Mass. - Somerville officials are considering adopting a new ordinance that would see employers guilty of wage theft lose or fail to gain licenses and permits issued by the city.

The ordinance drafted by the city’s Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone came after Somerville residents and activists signed a petition in April seeking a public hearing by the Board of Aldermen on the issue of wage theft in the city.

Wicked Local Somerville / Somerville Journal

Somerville residents speak out about wage theft

Raquel DeLeon was working at a construction company in Somerville, when she and six other women stopped receiving compensation for the work they were doing.

DeLeon said the company didn’t pay her for 64 hours of work, totaling $584 in unpaid wages.