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Fight Between Immigration Activist and Mayor Escalates to Shouting Match with Racism Accusations

A closed-door meeting regarding the migrant children gathered along the US border led to a dramatic confrontation between representatives of Massachusetts’ immigrant community and the mayor of Lynn, Mass.


Immigration meeting on Beacon Hill devolves into shouting match as activists confront elected officials

BOSTON — A fact finding meeting between elected officials, county sheriffs, and federal immigration officers inside the House Minority Leader’s office ended with an emotionally charged confrontational shouting match with pro-immigration activists.

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Immigrant activists try to crash closed-door meeting

BOSTON (WWLP) – Tensions were high when pro-immigration supporters barged into House Republican Leader Brad Jones’ office during a closed door meeting between federal immigration officials and the Republican Party.

“They don’t want to have a conversation with us. That’s the only thing that we want. If they want to talk about our people, if they want to talk about people like me, have a conversation with the immigrant community in Massachusetts,” said pro-immigration supporter Patricia Montes.

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LTE: We must confront how our policies breed immigrants’ desperation

While the general sentiment of the June 17 editorial “Influx of children shows urgency of need for immigration reform” is not off-base, the Globe once again misses the point on our immigration crisis, and ironically accuses President Obama of doing what the US news media often do when they write abo

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Boston mayor to sign act limiting immigration holds

Mayor Martin J. Walsh declared Wednesday he would sign a city ordinance to prohibit Boston police from detaining illegal immigrants for possible deportation, unless they were convicted of a serious crime.

The proposal is still in its early stages, but Walsh’s announcement to a jubilant convention of mostly immigrant union delegates at the Hynes Convention Center drew a standing ovation and some tears, even as critics warned that the plan could backfire and lead to the release of dangerous criminals.

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Somerville sends needed message about flawed Secure Communities

Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone made a significant statement this week when he signed an executive order limiting the city’s participation in Secure Communities, the controversial federal immigration program in which local police assist in holding immigrants for possible deportation.

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Somerville Mayor Announces Limits on City’s Cooperation with Federal Deportation Program

Somerville, Mass. - At a press conference at city hall on Wednesday, Somerville City Mayor Joseph Curtatone announced an executive order that will limit the city’s participation in the federal Secure Communities deportation program.

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Curtatone: "No estamos hablando de deportados o ilegales. Estamos hablando de personas"

Se cree que durante la Guerra Revolucionaria de Estados Unidos, George Washington ordenó elevar la primera bandera de Estados Unidos en el tope de Prospect Hill, en Somerville. El 1 de enero de 1776 la “Grand Union Flag”, como se le llamaba, fue izada en el mástil de un barco en el tope de esta colina.

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Somerville mayor: No more 'villainizing' undocument immigrants

Starting tomorrow, it’s no longer illegal to be illegal in Somerville, according to Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone, who is slated to sign an executive order Thursday barring his cops from holding undocumented aliens in jail simply for immigration violations — an unprecedented move, even in the Bay State, though other communities may quickly follow suit.

The Boston Herald

Somerville mayor calls immigration order ‘pro-public safety’

Somerville Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone said today that his decision to sign an executive order — ending the city’s cooperation with federal immigration officials — was based on “pro-family” and “pro-public safety” values that will enable law-abiding residents who are in the country illegally to step out of the shadows and lose their fear of police.

“We are taking action today that is pro-public safety and pro-family and we call on the state Legislature to follow the lead,” Curtatone said on the steps of City Hall.