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Immigrant and Civil Liberties Advocates Protest Mass. Participation in DHS "Secure Communities" Program

BOSTON/State House - Over 100 immigrant and civil liberties advocates held a protest in front of the State House today in opposition to a recent announcement by the Executive Office of Public Safety that Massachusetts will participate in the Department of Homeland Security’s Secure Communities program. The controversial program would screen everyone arrested by local and state police to determine their immigration status.

Metro -- Boston Edition

Governor changes immigration view


Published: December 19, 2010 9:23 p.m.

Wicked Local Somerville / Somerville Journal

Centro presente denounces state decision on Secure Communities

Centro Presente, with the support of ACLU-Mass and AFSC-Project Voice, has been running a campaign to educate the community and allies about the effects of the controversial Secure Communities program that the state has signed up on.

The Boston Globe

State joins US push on illegal immigrants

Massachusetts State Police will join a controversial federal program early next year to help the US government detect and deport illegal immigrants arrested for crimes, a sharp departure from Governor Deval Patrick’s 2007 decision barring troopers from enforcing immigration laws. 

Associated Press

Mass. police to join immigration checks program

BOSTONThe Massachusetts State Police will participate in a federal program that automatically checks the immigration status of those who are arrested, the state’s top state public safety official announced Friday.

In a statement, Public Safety Secretary Mary Beth Heffernan said the state will formally join a program called Secure Communities after months of deliberating by state officials.

The Somerville News

Somerville Aldermen pass DREAM Act

The Board of Aldermen last week unanimously voted to support a federal move to give children of illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

“This is the only country that these kids have ever known,” said Ward 6 Alderman Rebekah Gerwitz, who introduced the resolution.  “Let’s invest in them.”


Somerville Voices

Aldermen Unanimously Support the DREAM Act

News from The Welcome Project: After weeks of testimony, advocacy and hard work, the youth of the Welcome Project and Centro Presente took a breath to celebrate Thursday night after the Board of Aldermen voted unanimously in favor of a local resolution supporting federal DREAM Act legislation.

Two youth — both Somerville public school students — spoke to the aldermen last night, continuing to make their case.

The Somerville News

Somerville aldermen pass resolution supporting DREAM act

Aldermen voted unanimously tonight to support a federal resolution that would give children of illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

Immigration advocates and their supporters applauded after the resolution was passed at tonight’s Board of Aldermen meeting.

The DREAM Act, under consideration in Congress, would give young people a chance to become legal residents or citizens if they attend college or serve in the military while meeting other requirements.

The Boston Herald

Group: Illegals are paying fair share

A leading immigrant advocate insisted yesterday there are plenty of illegal aliens who work hard, pay taxes and pay for their own health care, as she blasted critics of a $50 million health-care program that provides free emergency treatment for undocumented residents.

“People need to know immigrants are paying for these services too,” said Patricia Montes, executive director of Somerville-based Centro Presente.

Post Somerville

BOA committee green-lights DREAM Act resolution

Wednesday night marked the third time in a month that immigrant community activists filled a room in City Hall to ask Somerville officials to make the case for a resolution supporting federal legislation that would help the children of undocumented immigrants afford college.