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Protestas contra Comunidades Seguras

Representantes de organizaciones pro-inmigrantes, junto a activistas protestaron esta tarde a las puertas de la alcaldia de Boston para exigir la eliminacion del programa Comunidades Seguras en Boston. Con una parodia sobre la relacion entre ICE y la Policia de Boston los manifestantes recalcaron la importancia de derogar este programa que proporciona informacion a las autoridades sobre el estatus migratorio de cualquier persona detenida en el municipio, a la protesta se unio una representancion del movimiento de Ocupemos Boston.

Associated Press

GOP Latinos face questions over immigrant pasts

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.(AP) — New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez is forced to research and clarify her late grandfather’s immigration status. Marco Rubio, Florida’s GOP Senator, is accused of embellishing his family’s immigrant story. A Republican congressional candidate in California puts on his website that he is the great-grandson of an illegal immigrant.

Fox News Latino

Tragedy Leads to Controversial Legislation & Fear Among MA Immigrants

A controversial bill making its way through the Massachusetts Legislature has become a rallying cry for some to beef up public safety – while others see it as a ruse to crack down on undocumented immigrants.

The bipartisan bill, introduced in September following the death of Matthew Denice – who was killed in a hit-and-run accident involving Nicolas Guaman, an undocumented immigrant from Ecuador – would force local police to run immigration status checks of all those arrested. 

The Boston Globe / Boston.com

Latino film festival marks 10th year

Latino film festival marks 10th year

Guest of honor Olmos to kick off six-day event

Edward James Olmos, the first American-born Latino nominated for an Academy Award as best actor for “Stand and Deliver,’’ kicks off the 10th anniversary of the Boston Latino International Film Festival on Thursday as its guest of honor.

Sharon Patch

Sharon's Unitarian Church Launching Immigrant Rights Advocacy Effort

Sharon’s Unitarian Church Launching Immigrant Rights Advocacy Effort

Leading figure in U.S.-Mexico border debate speaking at the church this Sunday.

Two immigrants rights champions, one focusing on the U.S.-Mexico border and the other on Massachusetts, will speak at the Unitarian Church of Sharon this Sunday.

The Simmons Voice

Simmons should rethink the word “illegal”


No human being is illegal. I will repeat that: no HUMAN BEING is ILLEGAL. Yes, things and actions can be illegal, but a person cannot be illegal. Yet, in the United States the general public hears this word used all the time in the media and by politicians when immigration is discussed. 

The Berkshire Eagle

Bowler: Immigrant plan not needed here

Bowler: Immigrant plan not needed here

By Ned Oliver, Berkshire Eagle Staff,

Friday September 30, 2011

BOSTON — A controversial immigration enforcement program that has been embraced by three sheriffs in the state won’t be implemented in Berkshire County.

Cape Cod Times

Bristol sheriff equates illegal immigrants to terrorists

BOSTON — Three Republican sheriffs warned Wednesday that the Bay State is becoming a “magnet” for illegal immigrants and vowed to crack down — with or without Gov. Deval Patrick’s support — during a press conference that became chaotic when sign-holding protesters began shouting counterpoints.

Daily Item

Sheriffs push to deport illegal immigrants

BOSTON — Essex County Sheriff Frank Cousins wants to deport 123 criminal aliens — 10 percent of the 1,200 county inmates under his supervision — back to their homelands with the help of federal immigration officials.

“I’m interested in people arrested for committing crimes and being held in our institution. They need to be identified and sent out of the country,” Cousins said Wednesday.


Calls Intensify For A Crackdown On Illegal Immigration

THE STATE HOUSE — The struggle over how to enforce immigration laws in Massachusetts is heating up. A group of local sheriffs is trying to deputize their jail officials to check the immigration status of people in their lockups. This comes after a number of high-profile incidents involving immigrants in the state.

In 2013, if you’re arrested and booked in the state of Massachusetts your fingerprints will be forwarded on to U.S. immigration officials. If you’re here illegally, this could get you deported.

Cracking Down On Illegal Immigration