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Mass. GOP sheriffs criticize gov on immigration

BOSTONSeveral Massachusetts sheriffs and U.S. Sen. Scott Brown said Wednesday that Gov. Deval Patrick’s opposition to Secure Communities could push the state to the bottom of the list for implementation of the federal program aimed at identifying illegal immigrants who are arrested for crimes.


Immigrant activists crash sheriff event

Immigrant activists crash sheriff event

Call for Secure Communities program controversial

BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) - Protestors clashed with a group of Massachusetts sheriffs, who led a press conference calling on the governor to toughen up on illegal immigrant offenders.

Boston Herald

Protests, heckling as sheriffs denounce illegal aliens

Tough-talking sheriffs warned that the Bay State is becoming a “magnet” for illegal aliens and vowed to crack down — with or without Gov. Deval Patrick’s support — during a fiery press conference today that descended into chaos when sign-holding protesters began chanting and shouting counterpoints.


Sheriffs gather on Beacon Hill for immigration change

BOSTON — Some Massachusetts sheriffs went to Beacon Hill Wednesday, calling for more measures to combat illegal immigration in the state.

Protesters crashed the news conference, fighting a Secure Communities program that Governor Deval Patrick doesn’t want. The sheriffs say they’ll implement it anyway.

The group went to Washington last week and came back with a commitment to work with ICE and train their staffs to check backgrounds.


Protesters, Sheriffs Clash On Illegal Immigration

Three Massachusetts sheriffs pushing for tougher illegal immigration enforcement were greeted with protesters with signs reading “Take Hate Out of State” at the Statehouse on Wednesday.

[video available at link]

Metro Boston

Immigration talks reach boiling point

The controversy over the federal illegal immigration program Secure Communities reached a boiling point yesterday with stakeholders on both sides doing what they could to advance or stop the program.  
Opponents of the program, which refers arrested illegal immigrants to federal immigration officials, put an end to a State House press conference by legislators and county sheriffs who argued for its expansion statewide.

WEBN News Boston

Centro Presente Holds Vigil in Solidarity with the Immigrant Community

The message at Boston’s City Hall Plaza was just say “No” to deportation.

The Somerville News

Si Se Puede! (Yes We Can!)

On August 25, Somerville residents were invited to a screening of The Invisibles, sponsored by Centro Presente as part of their “Somos-We Are” campaign. Somos is the brainchild of the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC), a two year-old initiative designed to fight xenophobic and anti-immigrant attitudes and laws which dehumanize migrant communities. Among Somos’ campaigns is to petition WBUR to stop using the word “illegal” to describe undocumented immigrants. As Somos argues, actions, not people are illegal.

Color Lines

White House Grows Deaf to Calls for End to Secure Communities

The resistance to the immigration enforcement program Secure Communities has reached a deafening roar as immigrant rights groups ramp up their organizing to demand an end to the Obama administration’s aggressive deportation initiative.

Color Lines

DHS Tells States: We Don’t Need Your Approval for Secure Communities

The Obama administration has ripped up its contracts with all 39 states that had standing agreements to participate in the federal immigration enforcement program Secure Communities.

The program, however, is not going anywhere.